The cob oven smiles in anticipation

It is Saturday, October 15. The cob oven is sitting there, smiling broadly, its many blue and white eyes staring upwards in amazement. It is getting a cover from the elements, its very own rain-proof roof. A group of 10 highly skilled, highly motivated young men, second year UBC Mechanical Engineers, and  their Teaching Assistant, are throwing themselves into the project with a passion.

The materials for the wooden structure are on hand, mostly leftover supplies from the 2009 herb garden project. Holes are dug for four sturdy 6 x 6 posts. The angle for the slope of the roof is calculated from the blueprints prepared by another group of UBC Engineers the week before,  and the posts are tamped in, super straight thanks to Joe’s skills and supervision.


A perfect slope

The frame for the roof is nailed together and lifted into place. Cross beams come next.
As the sun sets behind the grove of trees, it is time to fold the ladders. The galvanized sheet metal roof, donated by UBC, will be installed later this week.

Thanks go to Arzeena for making this happen, to KO for preparing the tools and supplies ahead of time, and to Joe who patiently guided the group all day. Most importantly, special “thank you” on behalf of the Sharing Farm to the wonderful Mechanical Engineers and their TA.  (Field Notes and photographs by Mary Gazetas; massaged into a blog posting by Sabine and Bruno)


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