Hello Persistent Pickers,

    If you were wondering how best to celebrate your Thanksgiving Holiday, might I suggest participating in a Fall ‘harvest’, (how apropos.)

    Our pick last weekend netted us some 135 lbs of Pears!  Thanks to Janice, Doritt, and James (& his parents) for all their help.  Good job.

     This Sunday we have a unique opportunity to pick a great Apple Pear tree, also known as a Nashi Pear.

    Much like last week, (or any time really,) we are weather dependent, so if it’s pouring down rain, we probably won’t do it, however I have high hopes for a dry morning.  If it looks like it’s not going to happen I will send out an email letting folk know.

    Until then, the pick is as follows:

        Apple Pear pick this Sunday Oct 9th at 10:30am
        4735 Britannia Dr, (in Steveston off Railway)
        tree in the backyard.

    As usual I’ve put a link to Google Maps showing where the pick is.

     If you think you can come and help out, please drop me a quick e-mail.  Likewise, if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

    Thank again, and hope to see you soon!

Warm Regards

Geoff Snell

Fruit Picking Coordinator
Richmond Food Security Society
(604) 244-7377 (msg line)

“We have not inherited this earth from our ancestors, we have borrowed it from our children.”
                                                                – unknown (ancient proverb)

Link to Google Maps:

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