Hello Hearty Harvesters,

    I trust everyone is rested up and itching to get out in the fall air…to pick fruit.  After being away last week I know I am!  The trick will be to get the weather to play along.

    First, a quick update on our last pick, it netted us some 120 lbs of beautiful Italian Plums!  Thanks to Ella and Jackson, (who were picking machines!) for all their help.  Very well done.

     This weekend we have a terrific opportunity to pick a very nice Pear tree, which I’d like to get to this Saturday morning. 

    I say ‘like to’ as no one wants to pick in the rain, so we will say Saturday morning, however if the weather is crappy, we can push it to Sunday morning.  I’ll send out an email by 9am Saturday if the date has changed.

    Until then, the pick is as follows:

        Pear pick this Saturday Oct 1st at 10:30am (weather dependent)
        23380 Westminister Hwy, (right on the corner of Westminister Hwy & Smith Crt)
        tree in the front yard.

    Now I do realize this is right out by the East edge of Richmond, (where many fear to tread,) however I’ve checked it out, and it really is a fantastic tree to pick.  So if you can spare an hour, I’d love to see you there, (also the drive back along that part of River Rd is very scenic.)

    As usual I’ve put a link to Google Maps showing where the pick is.

     If you think you can come and help out, please drop me a quick e-mail.  Likewise, if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

    Thank again for all of your help, and hope to see you soon!

Warm Regards

Geoff Snell

Fruit Picking Coordinator
Richmond Food Security Society
(604) 244-7377 (msg line)

“Fall is my favorite season in Los Angeles, watching the birds change color and fall from the trees.”
                                                                                – David Letterman

Link to Google Maps:



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