Dear Sharing Farm Friends,
It’s amazing what a couple of weeks of heat will do! If you’re looking for an opportunity to volunteer with us, there’s plenty to do!
1. Garlic cleaning party
2. Donations for Silent Auction
3. Evenings in the Orchard
4. Wonderful AGM
5. Volunteering for Fruit Picking
6. New Market going strong Saturdays 10-2
Garlic cleanining party
You may have heard about our garlic caper – we planted over 3000 garlic cloves last year and they were all harvested in the last two weeks to get them ready for our Garlic Festival (don’t forget, August 14th!).
If you have some time on the evening of Friday, August 5th, we’d love some help cleaning garlic. We may even get a chance to braid some of it then. It’s our monthly potluck so bring a dish to share and we’ll eat and clean. Come by the Red Barn at the farm, anytime after 3pm. We’ll serve dinner around 6pm and will continue to process the garlic for as long as we can.
Donations for the Silent Auction
We will be holding a silent auction as part of the Garlic Festival to raise funds to help us with the ongoing need for core operating costs.
If you have a brand new (boxed) item or artwork in your house, you do not want – please consider donating it to our silent auction. Send an e-mail to describing the item and arrangements can be made to drop off or pick up.  THANKS!
Evenings at the Orchard
Kimi & Marilyn have been doing a fantastic job in the Orchard at South Dyke every Thursday night. If you’d like to join them for a bit of physical work at a fabulous location, drop by the Orchard from 5-7pm any Thursday. The Orchard is located at the south end of Gilbert Rd, next to the community garden.
Please contact kimi at for more information
Wonderful AGM
It’s not often you hear the words “wonderful” and “AGM” in the same sentance but anytime we get together, there’s always food and this time didn’t disappoint. We got to highlight some of the work we did last year and then elected a new Board of Directors. Welcome to Vivien, Bruno & Jennifer and many, many thanks to Jane Wheeler for her years of dedication as our Treasurer.
The food was wonderful & one of the highlights was salad, picked off the farm & decorated by our own Susan Lee Hem:
Volunteering for Fruit Picking
It’s about that time of year that the Richmond Food Security Society begins getting calls to pick fruit in people’s backyards. The fruit is donated to the Food Bank & Community Meals and is also used in workshops to teach canning.
Fruit picking is usually done on weekday afternoons & early evenings and we start with early plums and then move into apples & pears.
If you’re interested in volunteering as a fruit picker & you’ve never done it before, please reply to this e-mail saying you’d like to be a fruit picking volunteer and we’ll add you to our mailing list. If you’ve done fruit picking before, you’re already on the mailing list so no need to reply.
Also, if you know of a fruit tree owner that would like to donate their produce, please contact Geoff Snell at
New Market at the Sharing Farm
Wow, many thanks to all those who arrive early on Saturdays and line up for produce! We’re so thankful that you support our work and choose to buy your veggies, herbs & flowers from us.
We’ll continue the Market every Saturday, from 10am-2pm for as long as we can. We currently have loads of garlic, greens, zucchinis, beets, carrots & u-pick herbs and sweet peas.
Thanks also to the wonderful group of youth that show up every Saturday and help man the booth. You guys rock!
See you at the farm!




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