Dear Sharing Farm Volunteers,
We have a couple of special garlic-related requests and hope you can come by the Sharing Farm to participate.
1. Garlic Scape chopping session – we have mounds of garlic scapes that we’d like to process so that we can sell them at the Garlic Festival. If you are available to do some chopping, here are the details:
DATE:                         Thursday, June 30
START TIME:            9:30 – 12:30 (for those that can make it then) (I will be there half an hour before and after)
VENUE:                     The Barn
BRING:                      Bring your own cutting board and knife. (If you can spare an extra cutting board and knife to lend that would be most helpful.)
Also, if you have clean (large) yogurt or margarine containers, we need to use them as well.
2. Volunteers for Garlic Festival
We need quite a large crew of volunteers for everything from garlic sales, site set up, face painting, ice cream sales, and clean-up. If you can spare a few hours, here are the details:
Date:      Sunday, August 14th
Times: 8:30am- 12pm or 12pm- 4pm
Venue: Terra Nova Rural Park
Bring: Just you (and maybe a friend?)
Please RSVP to to let us know which shift you’d like (am or pm) and we’ll add you to our garlic festival list.

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