contrast between sheet mulch row and tilled field

Field 3B was waterlogged for a long time, and by early June was covered with grass gone to seed.  Bruno scythed the grass and left it on the field as mulch. Jill, Claire and Ben (and possibly others) then covered the cut grass in the western-most row with cardboard and large paper roll (donated by City Recycling Depot and trucked in by Bruno); Then they wheelbarrowed lots of compost on top of the sheets; finally wood shavings were placed on top of the compost.   Compost tea made with the new donated brewer was poured on top to promote healthy soil life.


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  • Advantages:  raises the ground above water all year,   ends the need to till,  improves and diversifies soil life, reduces need to weed over time, reduces struggles against pests, retains water during droughts, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reduces dependence on gas-guzzling machines, and ultimately should increase productivity[/unordered_list]

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  • Disadvantages: initially requires lots more manpower than rototilling



Jill, Ben and Claire sheet mulching

Jill, Ben and Claire sheet mulching


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