Dear Friends of the Farm,
The snow may fall and the winds may blow but Seedy Saturday is a sure sign that spring is around the corner.
1. Community Potluck
2. Seedy Saturday
3. Workshops
4. Food Security Conference
Community Potluck – Friday, March 4th 6:30-8:30 pm, Red Barn, Terra Nova
Join chef Ian Lai as he takes us through a slide show of his recent trip to Cuba where he visited urban agriculture plots and rural farms. Cuba had to undergo a local food revolution with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Almost 50% of Havana’s food is grown within City limits! Bring a dish to share. Great family-friendly event.
Seedy Saturday – March 5th 10am-12 pm, Red Barn, Terra Nova
Please join us on Saturday, March 5th for the 3rd annual Seedy Saturday, hosted by the Richmond Food Security Society. There will be plenty of seed to purchase as well as exchange so clear out your old seed stock, put it down on the exchange table, and pick up a new packet to try. Horse manure, fruit trees, and more will be on sale.
This year, we are asking residents who would like to try their hand at seed saving to join the Richmond Seed Collective. We need people to save specific varieties of seed that are at risk. No experience in seed saving is necessary Sign up under vegetable type and you will be assigned a seed saving “mentor” who will guide you through the process and be available for questions throughout the growing season.
Workshops – March 5th 12:30-2pm.
After Seedy Saturday, the following workshops have been kindly made available by instructors Bruno Vernier & Susan Lee Hem
Container Gardening – No garden? No problem. Susan will show participants how to grow a variety of food, herbs & flowers in containers. Learn how to plant & maintain containers to ensure a long harvest throughout the season
Bokashi – this method of fermenting kitchen scraps is wonderful both indoors and in the garden. All kinds of food scraps, including meat & dairy, can be fermented and then safely added to a compost or buried in the garden without worrying about critters digging it up. Bruno will be leading a workshop on making the bokashi-bran starter. Participants will be able to take samples home to use in their homes.
Participants pay by donation. A minimum $5 is suggested.
Working Together to Strengthen our Food System
March 11th-13th
Steveston Community Center
The Richmond Food Security Society, in conjunction with the BC Association of Farmers Markets is turning Steveston into foodie central during this weekend.
On Friday night, join North Vancouver Mayor, Darryl Mussatto, as he explains why we need to start a food revolution. Recently, Mayor Mussatto made headlines when he called for residents to dig up their lawns and plant food gardens.
The star of the weekend is certainly farmer Joel Salatin, dubbed the “Lunatic Farmer” in movies such as Food, Inc. and in the popular book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. His presentation will start at 8:30am. Following, a number of workshops have been scheduled on finding affordable food, getting healthy food into schools, and the need to develop a food charter.
Tickets for the event can be booked on-line at The Richmond Food Security Society would like to thank Vancouver Coastal Health and the Real Estate Foundation for providing the funds to subsidize the Saturday event. Workshops plus lunch will only cost $20 on Saturday.
Hope to see you at all of these events!


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