Is spring here yet? We’re hoping so but there’s plenty to keep us busy until we can start planting outside. Our seeding trays are full of young leek & sweet pea sprouts and soon the tomatoes will be started.
There’s lots planned at the farm so see what interests you.
  1. Greenhouse Social Club
  2. Community Potluck Dinner
  3. Chicken Coops & Structures
  4. Gardening 101 with Arzeena
  5. Fruit Tree Pruning Special
1. Greenhouse Social Club
If you’d like to learn more about starting seeds, working with seedlings, and tending crops in green/hoophouses, the Club is the place for you! Susan Lee Hem will helps guide volunteers through all of the activities. Volunteering times are:
Mondays, 12pm-2pm
Thursdays 10am-12pm
You can just drop-in or contact Susan at
2. Community Potluck – Friday, February 4th, 6-8pm, Terra Nova Barn
Come and meet the new class of the Richmond Farm School and share a meal with fellow farming enthusiasts. We hope to make this a monthly potluck that will feature films and talks on the first Friday of each month. Mark your calendar & bring a dish to share.
3. Chicken Coops and Structures – Saturday February 12th, 9am – 12pm, Terra Nova Barn
Learn what it takes to raise laying hens in your backyard – no matter how big or small. Chicken coop builder Duncan Martin covers the logistics of keeping chickens, building and maintaining a reliable coop, and how to comply with municipal bylaws.  Cost $20
To register, please e-mail
4. Gardening 101 with Arzeena – Wednesday, February 16th, 7-9pm, Terra Nova Barn
Learn the basics of how to get started growing food. Assess your space, list the vegetables you like to eat, and come up with a planting plan. The class will cover methods of converting lawn to garden plus how to get started in containers.
Cost: Sliding scale. Suggested price is $10.
5. Fruit Tree Pruning Specials
Now is the time to prune fruit trees for greater productivity and long term health!
Stonecrop Garden Design is offering fruit tree pruning specials and 10% of what you pay will be donated to the Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project. Small trees (pruned on a small step ladder) will be $55, and larger trees will be $120. For additional trees on the same site, we can prune for $40 each small tree and $100 each large tree. Also, prune 2 trees and get the 3rd one on the same site for half price!
In addition we are offering raised vegetable bed installations, with 10% donated to the Fruit Tree Project. Our standard 4 x 8 ft veggie box is $370 including materials, soil and installation. Veggie boxes are built out of untreated cedar, and soil is premixed with compost and manure for great vegetables without additional fertilizers.
Please contact Shane at 778-846-9344 or Marshall at 604-866-8121 or check out

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